26 Apr 2021

Grizzly Hospitality Group Creates Successful Pop-Up Restaurant

Over the past six months, the bears involved in one of Catholic High School’s newest student organizations, The Grizzly Hospitality Group, worked together to “build” a restaurant from the ground up. The restaurant, Cajun Soul Southern Kitchen, is student-driven with help from local restauranteur and CHS Alumnus Stephen Hightower ’91 and the crew from Turning Point Food Services. From food tasting and menu creation to interior design and brand strategy, the students learned all the ins and outs of bringing a restaurant to life.

The group put all they learned to the test during a special pop-up dinner for family and friends with all the proceeds going to benefit Mission Amatongas. The food, service and atmosphere got raving reviews from restaurant patrons, and the group raised $5,000 for Mission Amatongas!

This is just one example of how CHS offers students one-of-a-kind experiences to help give them real-world experiences and allowing them to embrace their passions.

Thank you to all students, faculty and local business leaders who have been part of the Grizzly Hospitality Group’s journey. We can’t wait for next year!