22 Jan 2019

2019 Louisiana Association of Student Councils (LASC)

Louisiana Association of Student Councils (LASC) is the annual conference for student councils and is held the weekend of Martin Luther King Day. This year Sulphur High School hosted the convention. We brought 18 students and there were about 1200 students at the conference.

Ross DeNicola was elected at the LASC Convention in January 2018 to be the State Vice President (his duties are listed below) and served as such during this convention. His term concluded on Monday when a new State VP was elected. While at the convention, the students learn to be better leaders through keynote speakers, activities and workshops.

We also elect District officers at the conference. This year Catholic High was elected to be the District III Vice President and Roberto Carreras ’20 will fill that position.

State Vice-President:

  • To execute the duties of the President in case of the latter’s absence.
  • To act as chairman of the election committee.
  • To attend the LASC summer workshop and all Board Meetings.
  • The Vice-President school shall serve as Chairman of the District President schools. The Vice-President school shall provide leadership and facilities of his office to promote the growth and development of the district organization.
  • To assume all the duties generally associated with the office of Vice-President.
  • To attend the Executive Board Meeting

Students that attended:

James Tate, Brennan Bourg, Parker Stanford, David Culotta, Josh Boudreaux, Alex Tilley, Giancarlo Carreras, Teagan Richards, Lance Landry, Andrew Shea, Chris Carmouche, Lane Poche, Roberto Carreras, Jack Mathews, Matthew Tilley, Ryan DeNicola, Jacob Limbocker, Ross DeNicola.