18 Feb 2016

8th Grade Basketball Team Comes Back from 12 Point Deficit to Win in OT

The 8th grade basketball team defeated St. Thomas Moore on Thursday, Feb. 18 after a 10-point deficit at half.

“Last night was one of the greatest comebacks I have participated in during my 14 years of coaching the 8th grade basketball team.  Not because we won, but how we won,” said 8th grade basketball coach Kenny Freeman.

The Bears got down to 20-8 in the first quarter and closed the gap slightly to 26-16 at the half.  “We kept telling the kids, just chip away, one basket at a time.  Every time we started to make a run, STM would come right back,íñ commented Freeman. 

In the 4th quarter, the team made up most of the deficit when starter and leading scorer, Trent Butler, went down with an ankle sprain. The Bears persevered and managed to cut the lead to three points with less than 30 seconds to go in the game when our second starter went down.  Michael Bianca had a severe cramp and had to leave the game. Nicholas Fanguy went in for Bianca. STM stayed on Caleb Bonine assuming he was to take the last shot.  STM focused on Bonine and Caleb Warner, leaving Fanguy alone in the corner and Kade Boeneke somehow fed him the ball and Fanguy nailed a three with five seconds left to send the game into overtime.  

Twenty seconds into the start of overtime, STM hit a three pointer to regain the lead.  CHS then answered with a two-pointer but trailed by one.  Back and forth the teams went with neither team scoring until Warner stole the ball and made a layup to put CHS ahead for the first time in the entire game. íÍIn my 14 years of coaching the CHS 8th grade I have never seen an alley oop play until last night,íñ said Freeman.  STM made two of them in regulation and tried once more in overtime to regain the lead but the Bears defense managed to stop it the 3rd time with Bonine getting the rebound and being fouled.  He calmly sank both free throws in a one and one situation to put us up by three with seven seconds to go. The Bears ended up victorious 49 í 46.

íÍJohn [basketball coach John Freeman] made a tactical move to go from a zone defense to a man defense and try and take STMí´s #42 out of the game which we did for the most part.  Our kids never gave up, even when two starters went down.  Every group we have coached have been special but this group is exceptional for if nothing else the intestinal fortitude they exhibit,íñ said Freeman.