Academic & Instruction COVID-19 Update
17 Mar 2020

March 18 | A Message From Lisa Harvey, CHS Principal

Dear Parents and Students,

Catholic High School will begin its Teacher Supported Online Learning (TSOL) platform on Wednesday, March 18 promptly at 8:00 a.m. The administration, faculty, and staff have been working for the past two weeks to design a program that provides instruction that is both meaningful and rigorous. Most importantly, this program will continue to provide students with personal attention from their teachers and counselors. Even though circumstances have changed, the mission of Catholic High School and the Brothers of the Sacred Heart remains at the center of this program. We feel sure that once we have completed the first few days of learning the procedures of the online learning program are completed, students will successfully navigate this program.

Our teachers spent Monday, March 16 in a full day of professional development. The focus of this development was to educate teachers on the various platforms that are available for online instruction. The administration stressed to all teachers that this transition will be easier for some than for others for both teachers and students, and that the beginning days of this program should center on flexibility and patience with everyone. Rest assured that our teachers will work with students who are experiencing difficulty and we encourage students to reach out to teachers if they need assistance.

Please use the link below and carefully read the TSOL document. I know that it is a lot of information, but we have tried to be as informative as possible and consider all aspects of this program. Information is provided in detail about the TSOL procedures and expectations. There is a large amount of information to process so please read carefully and thoroughly.  Information has been separated by categories for easy reference. This information will also be posted on the Catholic High website.

Please feel free to contact me or an administrator with any concerns.


Lisa Harvey