What opportunities are there for parent involvement at Catholic High School?

Dads are encouraged to join the Catholic High School Men’s Club, an organization open to men who want to support the school. Catholic High School also has an active Mothers’ Club open to mothers of current Catholic High School students. Other volunteer opportunities occur throughout the year and will be announced as they become available.

What is the Catholic High School dress code?

Catholic High School students wear dress or casual slacks, a dress shirt or sport shirt with a collar, dress shoes, dress socks, and a brown or black belt with pants designed for one. More details are available in the Catholic High School Student Handbook.

Who can park on campus and what is the cost?

A limited number of parking spaces are available on campus for students. Historically, Catholic High School has been able to provide any interested senior or junior with a Catholic High School parking pass. Students who park in school parking areas must pay a fee ($300 for the 2018-2019 school year) to cover costs associated with parking.

What other expenses should I expect besides tuition and registration?

There are course fees for some elective courses. Also, expenses at the beginning of the school year, (for materials such as school locks, health and physical education uniforms, workbooks, etc.) typically average from $200-$300 per student. In addition to these materials, all students are required to put at least $35 on their student debit account at the beginning of the year.

When can my son be dropped off in the morning and picked up in the afternoon?

Some students arrive as early as 6 a.m. In the afternoon, parents may pick up students anytime after 3 p.m. Students are encouraged to remain on campus to use the library, meet with teachers and participate in extracurricular activities. There is no after school program or additional charges for those remaining after school hours, however, there is no administrative supervision after 4:00 p.m.

What are the school's operating hours?

Classes will begin at 7:30 a.m. and end at 2:47 p.m. on a regular schedule day of classes.

How is Catholic High School different from a diocesan school?

Catholic High School is under the direction of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart and is not a part of the diocesan school system.

How does the lunch program work at Catholic High School?

We do not have a federal lunch program. A number of our young men bring their own lunch to school. However, Piccadilly Restaurant, LLC provides daily food service for Catholic High School including breakfast, lunch and after school snacks. Students purchase items using their Catholic High School ID cards as debit cards. Monthly menus and pricing of food items are posted on the school’s website.

What kind of information do parents have access to online?

The Catholic High School webpage offers access to important information about all aspects of Catholic High School. It includes links to our downloadable calendar, as well as Catholic High School webmail, and services like PlusPortals and Moodle that provide information about student assignments, grades and extracurricular activities.

How does tuition compare to the actual cost of a Catholic High School education?

The Brothers of the Sacred Heart and Catholic High School are committed to keeping Catholic education affordable, and that is why no family has ever paid the full cost of an education at CHS. This is possible due to annual grants from the CHS Foundation, donations from parents through our PAGE initiative, generous dedicated gifts from CHS alumni and friends, and income from activities and auxiliary services. Typically, tuition and registration fees account for less than 80% of the CHS annual operating income.

What if I can't afford private school tuition?

In keeping with the educational tradition of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, no student is refused admission or asked to leave Catholic High School solely because of his family’s inability to pay tuition. Tuition assistance is available for students whose families are unable to pay the full cost of tuition. Applications for tuition assistance for the 2017-2018 school year are due by Monday, April 24, 2017. Applications are to be completed and submitted online through a program called FACTS. Any parent who does not have access to a computer or who needs help completing the online application can get assistance by contacting Mrs. Pinney Johnson at (225) 383-0397 or pjohnson@catholichigh.org.

Are there any financial expectations of parents beyond paying tuition and fees?

Each year, the school asks parents to contribute to the Parents Annual Giving Event (PAGE). While 100% of our parents are strongly encouraged to contribute to PAGE at a level appropriate for their family and as a tangible demonstration of their support of the school’s mission, there is no obligation to contribute to PAGE. These voluntary, tax deductible donations go into the yearly operating budget of the school and help to make up the difference between tuition and the actual cost of educating our students. PAGE donations help to meet the challenge of keeping Catholic High School affordable and enable CHS to retain competent and generous teachers dedicated to forming young men in the tradition of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart.

What is tuition, and how is it collected?

All Catholic High School tuition payments are processed through FACTS Management Company. Parents have the option of electing a monthly, semi-annual or annual payment plan, and Catholic High School tuition payments are interest-free. Each family must establish an individual FACTS account to process tuition payments.

Catholic High School tuition for 2018-2019 is $11,010. In addition, there is a $450 graduation and retreat fee due for seniors in the class of 2019, and a $450 re-registration fee (for 2017-2018) for all underclassmen. Therefore, the total of $11,460 for each student will be charged through FACTS. An annual FACTS processing fee of $45 is charged for those who select the monthly installment plan and an annual FACTS $10 fee is charged for those who select the semi-annual plan. There is no charge for those who select the annual plan. Additional course fees will be charged for AP and Band courses.

How does Catholic High School integrate technology into instruction?

Catholic High School is committed to students and faculty having access to instructional technology that we believe best enhances instruction. Each student is issued a Fujitsu laptop computer with pen and touch capability. In addition, CHS uses Moodle as our Learning Management System (LMS) which allows students and teachers to have access to a broad variety of interactive technologies that enhance learning. All students and faculty have Google Docs accounts as well as Microsoft 365 accounts which allow them to create and share documents, presentations and websites. These accounts also offer cloud storage and backup solutions, and the Microsoft account allows for downloads of office products to student’s personal devices. Through the Google and Microsoft accounts, Catholic High School provides each student with a personal and parent email address that serves as the primary email address through which Catholic High School will communicate with students and parents.

How are grade-point averages calculated?

Report cards are issued four times a year. Each division of the school year is referred to as a quarter. The first two quarters make up the first semester, and the third and fourth quarters make up the second semester. The cumulative grade-point average (weighted and unweighted) is determined by semester grades, and all semester grades are included.

Does Catholic High School offer honors courses?

Yes. Honors courses are available for qualified students in English, mathematics, social studies, science, engineering and foreign languages. Each department establishes requirements for admissions to these courses. Students who meet the requirements are authorized to register for honors courses during the course-selection process in early spring.

Does Catholic High School rank its students?

No, because of the academic strength of our students, class rank is not considered a notable indication of an individual student’s scholastic achievement and is not computed other than to determine the valedictorian and salutatorian.

Does the curriculum offer Advanced Placement courses?

Yes. Catholic High School’s college preparatory curriculum currently offers 16 AP courses. These courses can be found in the Catholic High School Student Handbook. Course offerings may vary each year based on student demand.

How many credits must a student earn in order to graduate?

To graduate from Catholic High School, students must earn a minimum of 26 credits. Catholic High School’s college preparatory curriculum is designed to provide students an opportunity to meet the entrance requirements of most colleges and universities. Students work closely with their counselors throughout their career to select courses that are appropriate yet challenging, and that will put them in the most competitive position for their post-secondary studies.

When are admissions letters mailed?

Offers of admission are mailed Wednesday, February 21, 2019. Letters from Ascension Catholic, Cristo Rey, St. John, St. Joseph’s Academy and St. Michael will be mailed on this day as well.

How does Catholic High School prepare students for college?

Catholic High School has a challenging college preparatory curriculum. Whether a student chooses our academic program, or participates STREAM, dual enrollment, honors and Advanced Placement classes, he can expect to learn skills that he will need to succeed in college. The Catholic High School faculty actively use students’ standardized test scores to identify those skills students need to work on so that they will be college-ready by the time they graduate.

How many students will receive offers of admission this year?

The Catholic High School freshman class will have approximately 275 students. In addition to the current Catholic High School 8th graders, Catholic High School will offer admission to about 225 new freshmen and 50 new 8th graders.

If my son is enrolled in a Catholic school, has good grades, good conduct and a good attendance record, what are the chances that he will be offered admission to Catholic High School?

Your son has a good chance of being offered admission; however, there is no guarantee of admission.

What if my son is not offered admission to Catholic High School but I still want him to attend a Catholic high school?

On the application form, a parent will be asked to indicate schools of first, second, and third choice for the applicant. If an applicant is not offered admission to his first choice, the application materials will be forwarded to the schools of second and third choice for their consideration. Such consideration does not imply an automatic offer of admission.

What is the profile of students admitted to Catholic High School?

Typically, the students offered admission to the 2018-2019 school year had conduct grades of As and Bs, had academic grades of As, Bs and Cs, and had good attendance records.

How does not being in a Catholic school affect my son's chance of receiving an offer of admission to CHS?

Catholic High School does give preference to students whose families have shown a commitment to Catholic education. Nevertheless, we typically are able to offer admission to a limited number of qualified applicants who have not attended a Catholic elementary school.

How important is a legacy to a Brothers of the Sacred Heart School for receiving an offer of admission to Catholic High School?

Since Catholic High School is a community, we value the relationships we have built with alumni over the years and we hope alumni want their sons to also experience Catholic High School. A legacy, while important to us, is not a guarantee of admission, nor is the lack of a legacy an impediment.

For freshmen applicants, how important are the interview and the Explore placement test for making admission decisions and how should my son prepare for them?

The purpose of the interview is to provide personal attention to each applicant so that he is more than information on a page. It allows the young man to speak for himself, to share why he wants to attend Catholic High School, and it allows us to get a better sense of who he is and what his interests are inside and outside of school. The interview also allows the applicant to ask questions and find out more about Catholic High School. A parent (or guardian) is required to attend the interview and we ask that you attend the interview at your scheduled time.

The placement test is used primarily for placement decisions after offers of admission have been made.

We do not recommend test preparation courses for the placement test, nor do we recommend rehearsing answers for the interview. Your son should relax and be himself for the interview, and simply do his best on the placement test so that we can put him in the courses most likely to help him achieve his full potential.

What if my son wants to play sports and be in choir or band?

Catholic High School promotes holistic education and many of our students are both athletes and involved in the Arts. Coaches and moderators collaborate to minimize conflicts so students who have the interest and ability can pursue both artistic and athletic extracurriculars.

What opportunities do you provide for students interested in the Arts?

Catholic has a strong arts program that includes visual and performing arts. Four years of art classes are available for interested and qualified students. The chorus and band programs provide students with musical training, and both programs consistently receive high ratings in local, district and state level competitions.

How many sports can a student play at Catholic High School?

There is no set limit to the number of sports a student can participate in. The Athletic Department is committed to supporting all students who desire participation in multiple sports. All coaches collaborate to give every athlete an opportunity for a diverse athletic experience.

When will my son be athletically eligible at Catholic High School?

All eighth graders and freshmen are eligible to compete in all 9th grade level sports. Eligibility for varsity athletics is sanctioned by the LHSAA and can be discussed with the athletic director at Open House. In addition, lacrosse can be played by any 8th or 9th grader, but is not LHSAA sanctioned.

What athletic opportunities does Catholic High School offer beyond LHSAA sanctioned sports?

Catholic High School has an active intramural program. The program is under the direction of Mrs. Shelley Reinecke. Intramural activities take place throughout the school year, including basketball, bowling, dodgeball, volleyball and flag football, to name a few. In addition, Ultimate is a club that has an athletic focus.

What clubs can freshmen join?

There are many extracurricular activities available at Catholic High School, and freshmen are eligible to participate in most of them. Freshmen are encouraged to participate in Club Membership Week at the beginning of each school year to learn more about the opportunities to get involved in campus life.

Freshmen are eligible to join the following clubs: 4HArt, Band, BBN, Bear Bots, Chess, Chorus, Drama, FCA, French, Games, JCL, Martial Arts, Mu Alpha Theta, Patriots Club, Photography, Respect Life, Robotics, Show Choir, Spanish, Speech and Debate, Student Council, Ultimate, Youth and Government

Our family is not Catholic. What expectations does Catholic High School have for non-Catholic students?

Catholic High School is respectful of other faith traditions and asks all students to be respectful of the Catholic faith. All students are encouraged to be contributing members of whatever faith tradition to which they belong. However, all Catholic High School students are required to take a full-credit religion course each year, and attend liturgies and retreats.

How does Catholic High School teach the importance of service?

All students are expected to complete service hours as part of their religion school curriculum. The number of hours varies by grade level and so does the type of service expected. As students grow in maturity, they are asked to provide more service to the truly needy. All service is accompanied by students’ written reflection on their work. A limited number of mission trip opportunities, both international and domestic, are also available each year.

What opportunities will my son have to grow in his faith?

Catholic has an active religion department and campus ministry program. All CHS students attend an annual class retreat. Mass is celebrated by the entire school community about once a month and students have an opportunity to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation at school each semester. On Thursdays, Mass is celebrated before school in the Brothers’ residence chapel. All students receive four years of religion instruction, and religion teachers emphasize spiritual development along with academic knowledge of the faith. CHS also has a student ministry program open to juniors and seniors.