Advancing the Mission

President’s Message

“Catholic High School has formed young men in faith and character since 1894. It is no exaggeration to say that the school is a sanctuary, a sacred space, where young men are able to learn and grow in a Catholic environment. It is exciting that the Advancing the Mission campaign will provide a new Student Center that will enhance this important work of forming young men.”

~ Gerald E. Tullier, President

Watch Student Center Construction LIVE

Watch the Student Center Construction Progress LIVE!

Brother Donnan Berry

Brother Donnan Berry, S.C. served as a teacher at Catholic High School from 1950 to 1952 and later as principal from 1964 to 1974. He returned to CHS in 1980 to establish and direct the CHS Development Office, a role he held until 1993. Most importantly, Brother Donnan was a visionary leader who mentored many of his students in a way that developed life-long friendships. As Catholic High School continues to advance its mission of teaching Gospel values to young people, it is fitting that Brother Donnan’s name and memory be made a permanent part of its campus and culture. Therefore, the new Student Center will be dedicated in memory of Brother Donnan Berry, S.C.

The Student Center

The Advancing the Mission capital campaign seeks to transform Catholic High School’s campus facilities by creating a vibrant, progressive core of the campus with the construction of a new 32,000-square-foot Student Center. This center, phase one of a $40 million campus master plan, is located at the north end of Hearthstone Drive. The Student Center will create a dynamic environment where students will dine, socialize, learn, and interact with faculty.

Amenities of the Student Center will include:

  • Spacious Student Union for dining and kitchen/food preparation area
  • A Seminar Room and four classrooms with adjacent Collaboration Rooms and Study Rooms available for student and faculty use
  • Campus Ministry Center for prayer, religious studies, and community service coordination
  • Spacious Student Commons featuring the Student Pavilion for outdoor dining, learning, interaction, and engagement
  • Large Conference Room available for classes, meetings, and seminar groups
  • Outdoor Terrace for student leisure and dining
  • Faculty Work Center and Terrace for collaboration and lesson preparation
Student Center Cropped

Inside the Student Center

Construction on the current Union began in 1972 when the student population was less than 700 and the focus of food service was functionality and efficiency. This new Student Center will feature a modern kitchen enabling a greater variety of healthy and more nutritious food options. This approach is consistent with our school’s core value of holistic education that addresses all aspects of a young person’s development.

The first floor of the Student Center will showcase a Student Union that is more than twice the size of the current Union.

Student Center

Today’s enrollment of 1,100 has outgrown the 1972 facility. The Student Center will better meet the needs of students and the entire CHS community.

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“For years, we have been blessed with support that has helped CHS prosper and grow. Today, as we meet the needs of our current and future students, we encourage everyone to take part in this transformational Student Center project that will benefit our school community in so many ways.”
~Jamie Segar ’90, Director of Advancement

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