Athletics COVID-19 Update
17 Mar 2020

March 18 | Athletics General Guidelines

  • All athletic events associated with Catholic High School are cancelled until further notice.
  • Practices, workouts, and gatherings of athletes are prohibited on the CHS campus.
  • Social isolation is the most important priority for the near future.
  • Athletes are primarily carriers. They are considered “low-risk” for severe outcomes but can carry and transmit the virus to other at-risk populations.
  • We must encourage students to practice social isolation for all athletic activity:
    • No gyms
    • No group workout/film sessions
    • All workouts/film sessions should be designed to be completed in isolation
  • If an athlete shows any symptoms (fever, dry cough, abnormal shortness of breath, fatigue, and malaise), he should immediately cease what he is doing, inform his parents, and not leave his home for any reason (excluding medical emergency situations).
  • We encourage healthy diets:
    • Reduce processed foods and sugars
    • Ensure healthy intake of natural proteins and vegetables
    • Do not restrict simple carbohydrates (can temporarily weaken immune system).
  • Coaches will stress the importance of routine to their athletes. This will help reduce the psychological toll of social isolation. Each student should have a daily schedule. This should include time for relaxing and creative outlets.
Physical Exercise Guidelines
  • Physical exercise has tremendous health benefits (reduces stress and anxiety, boost immune system, aids in mental health).

Workouts should be designed to be easy to execute and should not be overly intense or long in duration (studies have shown that this can actually temporarily weaken the immune system).