01 Apr 2012

B.A.D.D. Club Members Donate to HOPE Ministries

Members of the B.A.D.D. Club (Bears Against Destructive Decisions) attended a HOPE Ministries event on Thursday, May 29. 

íÍHOPE Ministries of Baton Rouge is a nonprofit organization in Baton Rouge which prevents homelessness and promotes self-sufficiency and dignity. HOPE is not for those who need help, only for those who want it.  HOPE helps families at risk for homelessness by helping its clients identify the underlying causes of poverty, increase financial literacy and design a personalized action plan for escaping poverty and achieving long-term self sufficiency,íñ commented Laura Poch_, President of the Board of Directors of Hope Ministries of Baton Rouge. 

The B.A.D.D. Club members were given a personal invitation to attend the event from HOPE Board President Laura Poch_.  Following the banquet, the club made a donation to HOPE Ministries to support their programs.  Club members intend to volunteer their time and talents to HOPE as well.