16 Mar 2011

B.A.D.D. Members Speak to Area Middle Schools on Making Good Decisions

Members of the CHS club Bears Against Destructive Decisions (B.A.D.D.) visited area middle schools before the Mardi Gras holiday making presentations to students about not using drugs and alcohol and how to navigate through high school while making good decisions. 

The students in B.A.D.D. felt it would be beneficial to younger students to return to their own middle schools to talk about the importance of making good decisions when it comes to underage drinking and illegal drug use.  Students recalled when they were in middle school and how impressionable they were and how much they looked up to high school students.  Visits were coordinated with the East Baton Rouge Sheriffí´s Office D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) Coordinator Captain Randy Aguillard, father of Ory Aguillard í´10.  

Students visiting area schools were Matthew Adler and Jourdan Ooi visited St. Jude School, David LaPlante and Chris Sloas visited St. Aloysius School, Brennan McQuiston and Andrew Rothkamm visited  St. Alphonsus and Brian Primeaux and Michael Edmonson visited Most Blessed Sacrament.

íÍIt was an awesome experience for each of the guys.  Going back to their old middle schools and visiting with their former teachers was very touching.   And since these are really good, high-achieving guys, the teachers were so pleased and honored to see them,íñ commented CHS B.A.D.D. Moderator Cathy Robichaux. íÍThe middle school students had a wonderful reaction.  The younger kids were very attentive, curious, and had hundreds of insightful, intelligent questions to ask about drug and alcohol issues in high school.íñ

Robichaux said the B.A.D.D. members felt they provided a valuable out-reach service.  Everyone associated with this event (D.A.R.E. Coordinator, middle school teachers, CHS students, middle school students and Robichaux) were very pleased with the event.  They plan to do it again next Spring.