10 Aug 2020

Back-to-School Parent Update

With the beginning of the new school year just days away, CHS faculty, staff, and administrators are looking forward to seeing the faces of all our students – it’s been way too long!

We want to first begin by thanking you for your patience. This is new territory for us all, but we are confident in our team of talented educators, healthcare partners, and school staff, as we all come together to collaborate on the best practices for providing our students with the best education possible in the light of this current health crisis. Our team has been diligently prepping and doing everything in our power to make sense of what is sure to be an unprecedented year.

The safety and well-being of every single student is our top priority, and because of this, we’ve been forced to make some very difficult decisions concerning in-person learning. Concerns from parents, evaluating the latest COVID-19 statistics in East Baton Rouge Parish, and hearing from our faculty members, combined with Governor Edwards’ decision to extend Phase II for at least another three weeks led to CHS administrators making the hard decision to move to a hybrid A/B schedule until further notice. This means students will be divided by last name and attend school on campus on the days corresponding to the alphabetical division. On the days students are not on campus, they will attend class virtually through the Zoom platform. (Please note: This attendance is required, so those who fail to participate in virtual classes will be considered absent. All absentee policies apply.)

Here’s the schedule breakdown:

Group A – Students’ last name:  A – Lam

Group B – Students’ last name:  Lan – Z

Our schedule for the first week of school is as follows:
















Orientation Schedule:













We know how truly important it is for students to be in a classroom so they can have face-to-face interaction with their teachers. Given the current environment, the safest way to do this is to reduce the total number of individuals on campus each day. This guarantees that classrooms can accommodate six feet or more between students and their teachers – moving to a hybrid model allows us to accomplish this. It also helps us in our efforts to effectively sanitize classrooms, monitor mask requirements, and enforce appropriate use of handwashing stations.

Please know, students will still have the opportunity to take advantage of everything that CHS has to offer, including athletics (based on LHSAA COVID guidelines), club meetings, after-school tutoring, and much more. We still encourage our young men to get involved and make the most of their time as a student at Catholic High School.

**If you previously chose the virtual option, but now would like to take advantage of the hybrid model, please email me directly (lharvey@catholichigh.org) to let me know of your desire to do so. Don’t worry, we are still offering an all-virtual option for those families who feel the need to keep their sons at home.

Again, let me assure you, we are committed to having all students back on campus in-person so they can have access to the most effective way of learning. As with all things in our world now, information, guidelines, and local circumstances are constantly changing. Because of this, CHS must adapt also. This is not a change we made lightly, but it is what we need to do to keep our students and faculty safe.

I cannot stress enough how important parents are in this whole equation. Our partnership in this effort, allows us to keep CHS open for on-campus classes. We have control over our school environment, what we cannot control is what happens when students leave campus. All of our protective measures are ineffective if our families do not practice the same precautions, or otherwise, engage in activities that increase the risk of COVID-19 exposure. You can help us in this effort by avoiding large social gatherings. Please supervise your sons. Insist they wear a mask when around non-household family members, stay distanced and make good decisions when out and about. We must all make a commitment to abide by the basic safety and health protocols established by the Centers for Disease Control.

CHS faculty and staff are taking every measure possible to keep our campus safe for your children, I beg you to do the same when your son(s) are away from school. Most importantly, I ask you to pray for Catholic High School as we open our doors to our boys once again.

The CHS team will continue to monitor the situation to determine when ALL students can return to campus every day. Until then, please read through our communications, including the revised August Principal’s Newsletter, the Back-to-School Newsletter, and the Frequently Asked Questions. Also, be sure to like our social media pages for breaking news and information.

As always, thank you. Thank you for your flexibility. Thank you for your support. Thank you for your prayers.

Please rest assured knowing the health and safety of CHS students and faculty is at the forefront of every decision we make. Stay well and stay safe. All my best to you.

Ametur Cor Jesu. Loved be the heart of Jesus.

Lisa Harvey,