13 Dec 2010

Band Members Selected to the All-Parish and All-District Honor Bands

Members of the CHS/SJA Band were selected to the All-District and All-Parish Honor Bands. 

Students selected to the All-District Honor Concert Band were Gio Gerrets, flute; Eric Macarios,
bassoon; Benjamin Wiseman, 1st alternate, bassoon; Chris Handy, clarinet; James Selleck, 2nd alternate, trumpet; Zach Fruge, French horn; Timothy Oldendorf, French horn; Mark Babin, percussion; Jourdan Ooi, percussion; and Alex Bates, 2nd alternate, percussion. 

Selected to the All-District Honor Symphonic Band were Stephen Crosby, clarinet; Kevin Ortego, alto saxophone; Ross Starks, tenor saxophone; Garrett Corripio, trumpet; Patrick Blanchard, string bass; David Tarleton, percussion; Stephen Arceneaux, percussion; and Matthew Herrera, percussion.

Band members selected to the All-Parish Honor Concert Band were Gio Gerrets, flute; Connor Dizor, flute; Collin Ahmad, oboe; Henry Kleiner, clarinet; Taylor Fontenot, clarinet; Chris Handy, clarinet; Brittni Lanoux, alto saxophone; Annelise Bergeron, alto saxophone; Morgan Stuart, tenor saxophone; Zach Fruge, French horn; Cody Abshire, French horn; Dillon Walls, trumpet; James Selleck, trumpet; Tommy Remson, trumpet; Michelle Forbes, percussion; and Michael McDowell, percussion.

Selected to the All-Parish Honor Symphonic Band were Eric Macarios, bassoon; Benjamin Wiseman, bassoon; Kevin Ortego, alto saxophone; Brooke Barbay, alto saxophone; Ross Starks, tenor saxophone; Timothy Oldendorf, French horn; Charles LeBlanc, trumpet; Garrett Corripio, trumpet; Stephen Arceneaux, percussion; David Tarleton, percussion; Jourdan Ooi, percussion; Matthew Herrera, percussion; Alex Bates, percussion; Mark Babin, percussion; and Lindsay Marquette, percussion.