30 Oct 2014

Bears Against Destructive Decisions Hosts Red Ribbon Week

This week was Red Ribbon Week at CHS. Red Ribbon Week is a national drug and alcohol prevention campaign of which CHS participates in every year. The Bears Against Destructive Decisions (BADD) Club coordinates activities during that week to make students aware of the dangers of illegal drug use and underage drinking.

This year, they asked the Louisiana State Police to conduct alcohol awareness demonstrations in the courtyard at all three lunch periods. The students were asked to drive a tricycle through an obstacle course and perform a field sobriety test while wearing íÍdrunk goggles.íñ This simulation demonstrated the difficulty of performing simple tasks while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

UNITEí´s Arrive Alive Tour 2014 program also visited the CHS campus. The purpose of the program is to educate on dangers of texting while driving and drunken driving.  One of the most commonly recognized driving distractions today is cell phone use. Students sat in a car simulator and operated it like they would a real car. However, the students were given goggles to wear that simulated the view of distracted drivers. After the simulation was over, they were given a list of infractions. Some are texting, speeding, swerving, driving on the wrong side of the road and even collision. Fortunately, this was only a simulation.