23 Apr 2012

Bears Capture State Runner-Up Honor in Weightlifting

The CHS Bears finished as State Runner-Up in the State Weightlifting Meet that was held on Saturday, April 21. 

Zachary edged CHS 86 to 84. Catholic High has won 16 State Titles in Weightlifting over the past 22 years. The Bears won the very first State High School Weightlifting Championship in 1990. The Bears have never finished worse that State Runner-up! Eight CHS lifters earned medals, which are given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.

Medal winners for the Bears were:
Garet Broussard í 1st Place -105 Kg Weight Class
Gregory Carmen í 2nd Place í 47 Kg Weight Class
Daniel Kline í 2nd Place – 56 Kg Weight Class
Bennett Sherman í 2nd Place – 85 Kg Weight Class
Trey Fruge í 3rd Place í 62 Kg Weight Class
Brendan Walsh í 3rd Place í 77 Kg Weight Class
Michael Lefeve í 3rd Place í 105 Kg Weight Class
Thomas Tomeny í 3rd Place í 105+ Kg Weight Class

Other lifters for the Bears were:
Matthew Moreau í 4th Place í 77 Kg Weight Class
Raphael Mozie í 4th Place í 105+ Kg Weight Class
Ben Grandy í 5th Place í 77 Kg Weight Class