21 Sep 2010

Bookstore To Offer Service to SJA Students

Beginning immediately, SJA students are invited to open a debit account at the CHS Bookstore. Policies regarding the use of the account will be the same as those for CHS students. The minimum deposit to open an account is $10.00 and balances will be carried forward each year. Balances remaining on an account at the end of the studentí´s senior year, or upon leaving SJA, will be refunded upon request. Accounts may be used for bookstore purchases only and are non-transferrable between accounts. A student must present her student ID to access the account.

íÍWe are seeing more SJA students making regular purchases at the bookstore. After talking with some of the students and parents, we felt this was a service we could offer, especially for families that make weekly purchases for items such as football tickets,íñ explained Pinney Johnson, CHS bookstore manager.

SJA families may establish an account by bringing cash, checks or a credit card to the bookstore. Accounts cannot be set up over the phone.

íÍWe hope that this inclusion of SJA students will only enhance the partnership we already enjoy with the Academy,íñ said Johnson.