16 Dec 2014

Brother Ray Hebert, SC To Relocate to Chicago in January

Brother Mark Hilton, Provincial of the United States Province, has announced the formation of a Novitiate for the Brothers of the Sacred Heart in Chicago, Illinois. As of Jan.  15, 2015, Brother Ray Hebert, SC will be relocating to Chicago to assist Brother Ronald Talbot, SC and a Brother from the New England area with this formation.

The Novitiate will be staffed by three Brothers in order to provide a viable local community and formation for men joining the Brothers of the Sacred Heart. As of now, one man, Lincoln Sigwald will begin the program in January and will hopefully be joined by others soon.

íÍBrother Rayí´s absence will create a void at Catholic High. He is not only an outstanding counselor to our students, but he is a role model for all us through his kindness, spirituality, and visible presence as a Brother of the Sacred Heart.  The loss will be profound.  However, I hope we can all be joyful for Brother Rayí´s íÍYesíñ to answer the call. I can think of no one better to help with the formation of future Brothers,íñ commented CHS Principal Lisa Harvey.

Brother Rayí´s responsibility in Chicago will be to help set up the place where they will be living: the third floor of a rectory. He will be living in the rectory with Brother Ronnie Talbot, SC, who will be the novitiate director, Lincoln Sigwald the novice, and another Brother from the New England area.

Their initial formation program involves a) a period of discernment, b) a six-month postulancy, a formal stage in religious formation programs, c) a request for admission into the novitiate and acceptance (Lincoln has written his request and should be accepted at a special mass in New Orleans on Sunday, January 25), followed by d) the novitiate program.

The novitiate program will be an inter-community program with men and women interested in continued discernment of a religious vocation in various institutes. Since there are few people entering religious life, it has been effective to pool together resources and sponsor inter-community programs to provide numbers and better discussions and personal growth. Lincoln will have classes each Tuesday at the SVD (Society of the Divine Word) facility in Techny, IL, close to Chicago. Once a month those classes will continue overnight and into Wednesday. Brother Ray will attend the classes with Lincoln and participate in the discussions. They will also have íÍclassesíñ in their home on various topics pertaining to the Brothers of the Sacred Heart (history, Rule of Life, vows, apostolate, documents, etc.).

íÍThank you for allowing me to be part of your lives and for trusting me with some of your concerns. Those who wish to contact me can use my regular CHS email address. I promise to remember you in prayer. I feel somewhat like Abraham being called at an advanced age to leave his surroundings and going to a new place; I pray that my faith will be inspired by his and I look forward to the new challenges I will have. My prayer for each of you is that you be open to God working in you and through you,íñ commented Brother Ray.