03 Aug 2018

Brother Xavier Honored with a Farewell Celebration

Brother Xavier Werneth, S.C. was honored with a farewell celebration on Thursday, Aug. 2, in the CHS Union. After 25 years of service at Catholic High School, Brother Xavier will relocate to Woonsocket, Rhode Island, where he will be working with four young men who are beginning the novitiate in their formation to become Brothers of the Sacred Heart. “Thanks to the CHS administration – Principal Lisa Harvey, President Gene Tullier and staff, especially Margie Alexander – for hosting a wonderful farewell party in my honor in the CHS Union last night,” said Brother Xavier. “And thank you to all the Brothers, students, former students, colleagues and friends who stopped by to wish me well as I begin a new ministry working with our novices in Woonsocket, RI. After 25 years at CHS, I will always be part of the close-knit family there, always relying on the support and encouragement so freely offered by so many friends. Thanks!”