22 Oct 2012

Bruin and Bearly Published Sweep Louisiana Scholastic Press Association Awards

Congratulations to the members of the Bruin, the CHS yearbook, and Bearly Published, the CHS newspaper, staffs for sweeping the Louisiana Scholastic Press Association Awards this year. Both publications were recognized with numerous awards, and together the Bruin and Bearly Published took the Clean Sweep Award.

Individual awards are as follows:


3rd Place Trophy -True Colors 2012 Book-  3rd in State
     – Won 14 of the 18 individual awards given for yearbook
     Feature Layout
        1st Place- Max Eysink, Ryan Schexnailder, Tripp Daniel
        3rd Place- Pierre Melancon
     Sports Layout
        2nd Place- Zack Louis
        3rd Place- Parker Say
    Sports Photography
        1st Place- Alex Say
        2nd Place- Alex Say
        3rd Place- Alex Say
    Feature Photography
        1st Place- James Morvant
        3rd Place- James Morvant

    Sports Writing
        1st Place- Tripp Daniel
        2nd Place- Parker Say

   Feature Writing
        1st Place- Bryce Benzine
        2nd Place- Keegan Callerame, Pierre Melancon
        3rd Place- Tim Huffstickler


1st Place Trophy
    -Won 37 awards

    Advanced News Writing
        1st Place- Jonathan Tarajano
        2nd Place- Brett Riviere, Ryan McNamara

    Editorial Writing
        2nd Place-Ryan McNamara
        3rd Place-Ryan McNamara

    Feature Writing
        1st Place-Ryan McNamara
        2nd Place- David Capdevielle

        1st Place-Brett Riviere
        2nd Place-Brett Riviere

    In-Depth/Individual Writing
        1st Place-Ryan McNamara
        3rd Place-Brett Riviere

    Opinion Essay
        2nd Place- Craig Kleinpeter, David Capdevielle
        3rd Place- Craig Kleinpeter

    Wild or Spot News Photo
        1st Place- Evan Ashy
         2nd Place-Patrick Richoux
        3rd Place- Conrad Atkins

    Sports Photography
        1st Place- Grant Grenfell
        2nd Place- CHS Photo Club
        3rd Place- James Morvant

    Advance Sports Story
        1st Place- Brett Riviere

    Sports Background
        1st Place- Will Cotchery II
        2nd Place-Will Cotchery II
        3rd Place-Will Cotchery II

    Sports Profile
        1st Place-Ryan McNamara
        2nd Place-Colin Finnegan
        3rd Place- Will Cotchery II

    Sports Feature
        1st Place-Ryan McNamara
        2nd Place-Evan Ashy
        3rd Place-Brett Riviere

    Center Page Spread
        1st Place- Evan Ashy, Jonathan Tarajano, Ryan Stoewer
        2nd Place-Evan Ashy, Craig Kleinpeter
        3rd Place-Ryan McNamara

    Sports Layout
        1st Place-Jonathan Tarajano
        2nd Place-Ryan McNamara

    Editorial Layout
        1st Place-Editorial Staff
        2nd Place-Colin Finnegan
        3rd Place-Craig Kleinpeter

        1st Place-Nicholas Cashio