12 Oct 2010

Catholic High Choir Members Selected to All-State Mixed Honor Choirs

CHS/SJA Choir Members were selected to the Louisiana All-State Mixed and Womení´s Honor Choirs.  

CHS Students selected were Daniel Babin, Johnny Balance, Ryan Blanchfield,  Carson Garand, Matthew Johnson, Mak Kruse, Dale Melancon,  Andrew Vincent and Kevin Ward.  SJA students selected were Anna-Marie Barone, Rebecca Broussard, Abbi Gaudin, Amanda Ourso, Sara Wakefield and Courtney Wilson. 

These students auditioned in tough competition against students from all over the state.  Catholic High and St. Joseph’s Academy placed 15 students in the All-State choirs.  This ties our record from last year.  The next highest number of students selected from another school in our district was a total of 4. 

íÍOur district actually placed a total of 30 students in the choirs, the second highest district in the whole state.  These are truly amazing statistics and proves that CHS and SJA have top-notch choral programs in the state.  Being selected for the All-State choir is the highest achievement a high school choir student can attain in our state,íñ stated CHS/SJA Choir Director Steve Galliano.