25 Apr 2010

Catholic High Faculty Members Continue Service to Others

Eight Catholic High faculty members have continued their service to St. Joseph Hospice after their visit to the Carpenter House for the CHS Faculty Day of Experience in September 2009.  
Arlene Audiffred, Emily Terracina, Diane Bynum, Maranda Howell, Muffin Smith, Sherie LeBlanc, Adele Bowden and Val Lessard provide food each month for the families of patients at the Carpenter House. 

íÍWe were so moved by what the Carpenter House does for the patients that we wanted to help. Providing food for the families is an easy way for us to help support families during this difficult time in their lives,íñ commented Lessard.

The Carpenter House serves as a place of peace for terminally ill patients with symptoms not well managed at home, and the house is named in honor of St. Joseph, who is the patron saint of a peaceful death. 

CHS faculty members were recognized as The Carpenter House Meals Program 2010 award winners at the St. Joseph Hospice Volunteer Luncheon on April 17 and were honored for their dedication to the patients and their families.