22 Mar 2006

Catholic High Had Strong Showing at Junior Classical League Convention

Catholic High had a strong showing at the Junior Classical League Convention last weekend. The club won first place for catapult and banner, and the Lower Division Team of Chris Heroman, Eric Ristroph, Roth Salomon, and Jimmy Selent handily beat out all competition for a first place finish in certamen. First place finishes in Olympika went to
James Del Rossi, Shane Broussard and Steven Bouanchaud; and in second place was Phillip Sander. In Academics first place finishes went to Chris Heroman and Steven Summerville; and in second place were Jimmy Selent, Chris Heroman, David Crochet, Steven Summerville and Chris Bellone. Andrew Rangitsch won second place for Graphic Arts and Andrew Townsend won second place for his Torch publication.