06 Dec 2010

Catholic High Mourns Loss of Hall of Famer Stan Heine Jr. ’44

Catholic High lost a special friend and Hall of Famer with the passing of Stan Heine Jr. on Saturday, December 4, 2010. 

Heine was a 1944 graduate of Catholic High School. During his high school career, Stan participated in football, basketball, track and baseball.  Not only was he outstanding on the athletic field, but also in academics.

Following graduation, he served in the navy and then returned home to marry the former Genevieve Hanks Heine (now deceased).  Together they had five sons and one daughter, Sharon Ruth.   All five sons are graduates of CHS: Stanley í´73, Richard í´74, Robert í´76, Randall í´78 and Rodney í´81.  Children Richard and Sharon have preceded Stan Jr. in death. 

Heine was always committed to helping Catholic High and served in many roles in the CHS Mení´s Club including chair of numerous committees, secretary, vice president and president.  His dedication to his alma mater was inspirational, and in 1982 he was inducted into the Catholic High
School Hall of Fame. 

A long-time friend of Heine, Brother Donnan Berry, SC, noted “I was fortunate enough to visit the Heine home through the years and there was more love at 3224 Claycut Road than most people ever thought possible.  You know what real family life is all about,” commented Berry. 

íÍThere are certain family names, that when you hear them, you immediately identify with Catholic High. The Heine family name is definitely one of them. Having all five of his soní´s follow in his footsteps as CHS graduates was surely a source of great pride for Mr. Stan,íñ commented CHS Advancement Director and Friend Hal Dupuy í´73. 

Heine was the former owner of Louisiana Electrical Co. and the past president of the Baton Rouge Electrical Contractors Association of Baton Rouge.