05 Sep 2014

Catholic High Mourns the Loss of Brother Will McCue, SC

Catholic High School mourns the loss of Brother Will McCue, SC who died in the late evening on September 4, 2014.

Brother Will took his final vows as a Brother of the Sacred Heart  on June 1, 1956.   He taught briefly at Catholic High in 1956.  He returned in 1976 as Chaplain and Assistant Principal where he served for six years. While serving as Assistant Principal, Brother Will began coordinating student activities, a position later held by Ms. Phyllis DiVincenti.  In 1992, he returned to CHS as Campus Minister and in 1995 he was named Executive Director of the Vocational Development Fund. 

íÍBrother Will brought a warmth and friendliness to every ministry that he exercised.  He accepted people –students, co-workers, and parents — for who they were and respected them with love of the Sacred Heart.  He positively impacted the lives of many members of the Catholic High School community,íñ commented Brother Ronald Talbot, SC.

Brother Will was one of the first Brothers of the Sacred Heart to become ordained.  He was ordained on June 2, 1974.  Brother Will periodically says Mass for the school and has married and baptized many throughout the Catholic High School community. 

Before retiring in Baton Rouge following Katrina, Brother Will had spent several years as Executive Director of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart Foundation, four years in St. Anneí´s Mission in Klagetoh, Arizona and has spent the last 10  years in Community Service in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi and Baton Rouge.