Mu Alpha Theta
14 Jan 2019

Catholic High Mu Alpha Theta Takes First Place in the Magnet School Division at the 20th Annual High School Tourney

Congratulations to Catholic High Mu Alpha Theta for taking first place in the magnet school division at the 20th annual high school tournament this weekend.  More than 600 students from 31 schools were in attendance.

Students placing in individual events:

  • Algebra 1:
    • 6th place – Carter Mayeux
  • Geometry:
    • 2nd place – Lucas Gawarecki
    • 3rd place – Carter Mims
    • 5th place – Ben Papizan
  • Algebra 2:
    • 1st place – Benjamin Mayeux
    • 2nd place – Graham Darst
    • 3rd place – Bailey Faulk
    • 4th place – Caleb Woods
    • Honorable Mention – John Bryan Peak, Owen Gamble, Craig Waguespack
  • Precalculus:
    • 1st place – Cade Acosta
    • 2nd place – Christian Thompson
    • 4th place – Elliot Fontenot
    • 5th place – Collin Casseri
    • 6th place – Roberto Carreras
    • Honorable Mention – Alex Richard, Luke Bella, Tommy Hertel, Carson Cooper, Nick Jakuback

Students placing in team events:

  • Middle School Team, 1st place – Carter Mayeux, Kyle Oubre, Andre Miller, Nicholas Schroeder
  • Comp Math 1.5, 2nd place – Owen Gamble, Robbie Martin, Jack Matthews, Caleb Woods
  • Comp Math 2, 1st place – Kade Boeneke, Carson Cooper, Nick Jakuback, Andrew Whitehead
  • Comp Math 2, 2nd place – Roberto Carreras, Nick Landry, Stewart Roeling, Johnny Viator
  • Algebra 2 Math Bowl, 2nd place – Graham Darst, Bailey Faulk, Noah Hixson, Jacob Nguyen
  • Precalculus Math Bowl, 2nd place – Hays Burns, Collin Casseri, Elliot Fontenot, Peter Kelly
  • Precalculus Math Bowl, 4th place – Cade Acosta, Luke Bella, Tommy Hertel, Alex Richard

Catholic High’s eighth graders also placed first on the Middle School Interschool test and the ninth and tenth graders placed second on the Lower Interschool test.