07 Jun 2016

Catholic High Places First at Cyber Discovery 1.0

Catholic High took first place at Cyber Discovery 1.0, beating the second place team by a spread of 150 points.  The Cyber Discovery program, which ran from May 30 through June 4, is a week-long competition for a team of two teachers and six rising sophomores to explore issues related to cyber security.  The experience includes discussion sessions, hands-on engineering and computer science labs. These activities promote teamwork and leadership and further help to develop 21st century skills, which include problem solving, critical thinking, creativity and communication. Cyber is a fundamental part of how we live, work and play in our daily lives.

Throughout the week, students were immersed in three different subject areas.  In the Liberal Arts unit, they delved into social and ethical issues related to cyber, watching movies, attending lectures given by Louisiana Tech faculty, participating in group discussions and writing essays to defend their viewpoints.  Catholic placed either 1st or 2nd in three of the four writing assignments.  In the Cryptography unit, they used various techniques to decipher codes, putting together clues to place 2nd in the week-long scavenger hunt.  In the Engineering/Computer Science unit, they programmed robots to solve various tasks, such as finding a path through a maze, robot golf and robot soccer.  They designed a fort using a 3D architecture program that was then constructed and used in the final robotics competition.  One of the last competitions involved creating and acting in a skit to demonstrate everything they had learned throughout the week.  The week culminated in a final robotics competition, complete with rock music and a light show.  Catholic High placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in all but one competition during the entire week, demonstrating strength in all three subject areas of the camp.

íÍIí´m proud of the way our students preformed, competed and worked as a team to solve an incredible range of challenges,íñ said CHS faculty member Tim Chustz. íÍFurthermore, they did this in an honorable fashion; truly embracing the idea of friendly competition and brotherhood. They represented CHS very well!íñ

Student members of the Cyber Discovery 1.0 team were Hunter Doiron, Allen Duggar, Sean Kennedy, Joseph Mengis, Chandler Row and Daniel Woodruff.  Faculty members were Tim Chustz and Sheri Schoonmaker.