Catholic High School Mu Alpha Theta
27 Jan 2020

Catholic High School Mu Alpha Theta hosted its 21st annual high school math tournament on Saturday, January 25 with 32 schools and 550 students competing.

The club also took first place in the magnet division of the tournament, placing first in the lower interschool and second in the upper interschool tests.

Students placing in individual events:

Algebra 1:

  • Caleb Lott, 3rd place


  • Carter Mayeux, 1st place
  • Kyle Oubre, 3rd place

Algebra 2:

  • Jackson Robb, 2nd place
  • Britton LeBlanc, 3rd place
  • Alexander Lauve, honorable mention
  • Lucas Gawarecki, honorable mention
  • Patrick Gordon, honorable mention


  • Bailey Faulk, 1st place
  • Graham Darst, 2nd place
  • Owen Gamble, 3rd place
  • Jacob Nguyen, 4th place
  • Walter Herasymiuk, honorable mention
  • Shaan Jindal, honorable mention

Students placing in team events:

  • Comp Math 0.5 – 1st place: Sean LeBlanc, Caleb Lott
  • Comp Math 1 – 2nd place: Carter Mayeux, Kyle Oubre, Luke Romaine, Tre’ Webre
  • Comp Math 1.5 – 1st place: Lucas Gawarecki, Britton LeBlanc, Cody Rikhoff, Jackson Robb
  • Comp Math 2 – 1st place: Bailey Faulk, Tim Ferrell, Owen Gamble, Cameron Morin
  • Algebra 2 Math Bowl – 4th place: Ben Eagleton, Russ Gahagan, Austin Maggio, Cullen Rikhoff
  • Precalculus Math Bowl – 2nd place: Graham Darst, Walter Herasymiuk, Shaan Jindal, Caleb Woods
  • Precalculus Math Bowl – 4th place: Jack Matthews, Zach Morgan, Jacob Nguyen, John Peak