09 Apr 2006

Catholic High School Mu Alpha Theta Places at State Convention

Catholic High School Mu Alpha Theta members placed at the state convention on April 5 and 6, 2006 in Baton Rouge.

Those competing and placing in individual competitions were Kyle Babin ’08, first place; Patrick Kemmerly ’08, first place; Sam Harbourt ’06, second place; Brian DeJean ’06, second place; Mark Fry ’06, third place; Crosby Jurkiewicz ’08, third place; Calvin Turk ’08, fourth place; Grayson Young ’06, fifth place; Scott Causey ’08, seventh place; Stephen Summerville ’07, eighth place; Kyle Babin ’08, ninth place; Will Lee ’07, ninth place; Andrew Walker ’06; ninth place; Stephen Demouy ’07, tenth place; Michael Thomas ’08, tenth place; and Brandon Harper ’06, tenth place.

Students competing and placing in team competitions were Kyle Babin ’08, Timmy Borgmeyer ’09, Chris Demas ’08, Crosby Jurkiewicz ’08, Patrick Kemmerly ’08, Jim Parks ’08, Andrew Rangitsch ’09, Andrew Stewart ’09, Michael Thomas ’08, Andrew Townsend ’08, Calvin Turk ’08 and Andr_ Wiggins ’09, first place; Will Lee ’07 and Eric Ristroph ’07, second place; Michael DeLatin ’06, Ryan Ginn ’07, Andrew Rangitsch ’09 and Stephen Richard ’06, second place; Scott Causey ’08, Andrew Stewart ’09, Michael Thomas ’08 and Andrew Townsend ’08, third place; Sam Harbourt ’06, Travis Meyer ’06, Mitchell Sances ’06 and Scott Sulik ’06, third place; and Todd Burford ’06, Brett Burke ’06, Daniel Devillier ’06 and Grayson Young ’06, fourth place.

Due to the entire group’s efforts, the mathletes took 3rd place in sweepstakes. Will Lee ’07 was elected as state vice president.