21 Sep 2008

Catholic High students selected to 2nd round All-State Choir auditions

Eleven Catholic High students were selected to the 2nd round All-State Choir auditions to be held on Saturday, October, 11 at Pineville High School.
Chosen were Tenor 1 – Andrew Loreno, Jared Listach and Hunter Smith; Tenor ll – Johnny Ballance and Brian Primeaux; Baritone- Trey Misuraca, David Benedetto, Elliott Rodrigue and Boone Anderson; Bass 11 – Philip Vincent and Carlo Gealogo.
These students ranked in the top 5 in their individial voice parts from around the entire Baton Rouge area high schools. They will now compete agains students from throughout the state for selection to All-State Honor Choir.
The following students were ranked in the top 10 and were selected to the District Honor Choir: Tenor 1 – Loreno, Smith, Jared Listach, Adrian Wintz and Mark Kruse; Tenor 11 – Ballance, Primeaux, Will Jenkins and Sean Woolworth; Bass 1 – Misuraca, Benedetto, Rodrigue, Anderson, Kevin Ward, Rob Gates, Peyton Pollard, Jordan Krouse and Michael Eggie; Bass 11 – Vincent, Gealogo, Wells Richard, Christian Perkins, George Troxwll and William Garrett.
Catholic High and St. Joseph’s Academy broke another record for the most sutdents selected to the 2nd round and District Honor Choir. Over 50 percent of the students selected were from CHS or SJA.