26 Aug 2021

CHS Alumnus Creates Digital Series for LPB

CHS Alumnus Clay Achee, Class of 2001, created Louisiana Public Broadcast’s digital series, “Ziggy’s Arts Adventure.” The children’s show starring a 9-year-old puppet alien named Ziggy teaches kids about the arts, music and emotional intelligence. In the 9-episode series, Ziggy will learn about dancing, music, pottery, theatre and more from local Louisiana guests and artists.  Achee has been developing the show for 10 years and has held various jobs in television production. As a hobby, he began building and selling puppets and initially started the show on YouTube before submitting his proposal to LPB in 2020.

From the LPB website

“Ziggy’s Arts Adventure is an educational puppet series for grades K-5 that teaches young learners fundamental artistic and academic concepts through the magic of storytelling. Ziggy, a 9-year-old alien, is from a planet that does not need the arts because everyone communicates telepathically through “emoticles.” However, Ziggy’s emoticle does not work, making him different from his peers. When the Voyager I lands on his planet and Ziggy hears music for the first time, he discovers new ways of expressing emotion. Determined to learn more about art and music, he builds a rocket ship to Earth and lands in a Louisiana junkyard, where he meets a group of friendly musicians. Together, this unlikely band of friends meet Louisiana artists, learning about art, math, science, and friendship along the way.”

Added bonus: Barton Gilley ’03 is a major member of Achee’s crew. Gilly does animatronics and remote control puppeteering!

Congratulations, Clay, on your fun and educational show! We are so proud!

You can catch Ziggy and his junkyard pals at www.lpb.org/programs/ziggy.  

And follow along with Ziggy on social media on Instagram: @ziggyandthejunkyardband and Facebook: @ziggyandthejunkyardband.