06 Jul 2015

CHS and SJA Choir Members Perform In Italy

The CHS and SJA Choir members took a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Italy on June 19-28, 2015, to perform concerts at the Sistine Chapel, St. Peterí´s Basilica and Santo Spirito Church in Florence.

íÍThe students represented Catholic High School and St. Joseph’s Academy to a level of excellence that cannot be imagined!  It is said that íîmusic changes lives,í´ I can honestly say that these kids have truly changed my life,íñ said chorus director Stephen Galliano.

Singing in the Sistine Chapel is something that rarely happens. Following their performance, the choir received a special blessing. While performing at Mass in St. Peterí´s Basilica at the chair altar, the presiding Cardinal requested a special encore from the choir.

íÍWe were already in the most incredible places of worship, with the most beautiful works of art, but to experience the power of music created by our choir while in those spaces was transforming,íñ said CHS Faculty member Margaret Smith.

While in Italy, the choir sang in the Pantheon, saw His Holiness Pope Francis, sang at St. Clare church in Assisi, performed in Sancto Spirito church in Florence and had impromptu singing on the streets in Italy. 

I only pray that others have the opportunity to experience the things we have experienced while on this trip. I have witnessed others who have been changed for the better during our trip. Strangers, locals, tour guides, have all shared how they were inspired by our students and their music-making,íñ said Galliano.

íÍIt was an experience of a lifetime.  The students were incredible.  They not only performed well, they were on time, polite, patient, cooperative, respectful and I could go on and on with the superlatives,íñ said CHS Faculty member Brother Xavier.

íÍTo say that it was an amazing experience would be an understatement! I am so unbelievably proud of having had the great opportunity to attend this wonderful trip. And speaking not only as a chaperone, but also as a mother who cried while her daughter had the chance of a lifetime singing in such remarkable places, I thank you [Galliano] and everyone else who helped to make it possible,íñ commented CHS Faculty member Susana Costela.