27 Feb 2013

CHS Announces Technology Initiative to Students

On Wednesday, February 27, CHS Principal Lisa Harvey officially announced to CHS students in grades 8-11 that beginning fall 2013, each student will be equipped with a Fujitsu notebook computer to use in all classes. With this technology initiative, CHS strives to fully utilize todayí´s technology while still keeping focus on the mission of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart.

After the assembly, students had the opportunity to sign up to be help desk workers, and the administration provided cake to celebrate this next big step at Catholic High School.

íÍThe students are very excited about this initiative,íñ commented CHS President Gene Tullier. íÍWe were very pleased to see more than 100 students express interest in working the help desk.íñ

However, it is not just the administration that is pleased about this initiative. Many students expressed their excitement about using laptops at school after the announcement.

íÍI am pretty excited. CHS has never had this type of technology before, and to be a part of the first class getting to use laptops is cool,íñ said Davis Bourg í´15.

íÍThis will give us a great interactive learning opportunities and it will give us a chance to interact with our teachers through technology,íñ commented Todd Sterling í´15.

íÍI am hoping this goes smoothly because this will help us learn formatting and will be very beneficial with our transition as students from high school to college,íñ said Matthew Venable í´14.

íÍUsing laptops will be better because we will be more able to keep up with our papers and handouts. We will even save a lot of trees,íñ added Tres Turner í´16.