01 Aug 2011

CHS Band and Bruinettes Participate in Annual Band Camp

During band camp the CHS band and Bruinettes began learning their 2011 competition show titled, “In The Wonderland.” The music for the show was inspired by Danny Elfman’s musical score to Alice in Wonderland. Modern touches of rock music will be heard throughout the show; Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit”, Aerosmith’s “Dream On” and Queen’s “We are the Champions.”

Stepping things up this year the band brought in a theater coach in order to help the students bring their characters to life. The Bruinettes will play the role of Alice, the female lead singer of a band named… In The Wonder Land. The band members will play the part of Alice’s band, and Race Picou will lead us through the adventures of Alice’s band.

The storyline continues to change as it is placed on the field. We expect to have 2/3 of the show on the field by the first game.

We are also pleased to announce that Showcase is on an LSU off week. Therefore, we hope to see as many people supporting the band as possible. Times for Showcase will be announced in September.