05 Apr 2010

CHS Bookstore Announces First-Ever Buy-Back Program

CHS Bookstore announces the first-ever buy-back program in Conjunction with New Program:

After nearly two (2) years of negotiations with various online book companies, the administration has approved a new plan for book purchases which until now have been sold through the CHS Bookstore. Although the program will continue to be managed by our bookstore staff, the manner in which a family purchases books will be different. As technology re-defines how business is done, our goal is to make book ordering much simpler í and more cost effective — through a stream-lined process. Following are some general points of interest for your review:

Œ« Currently, only new books are made available to families through the schoolí´s on-site bookstore. Parents will now have four conditions of books to choose from: New, Quality Used, Bargain and Thrift. Families can begin shopping for books in June thus giving them the opportunity to spread out costs typically associated with orientation fees in August when other expenses are due.

Œ« Books will be mailed directly to the studentí´s home; and, if ordered during a specified time period they can take advantage of free shipping.

Œ« Families will be given the opportunity at the end of each school year to participate in a buy-back program in which the students actually sell back usable books to the company to receive credit for the following school year (seniors will receive refunds) The first buy-back will be in MAY 2010!

Œ« A link from the schoolí´s Web site will direct families to the book sale site. All books needed for a particular course will be listed under individual course information. Novels and supplemental titles may be eligible for up to 25% discounts. Buy your books by following the procedures outlined by the school and the school will continue to benefit from the purchases. Purchases from other bookstores do not support our school.

The CHS Bookstore will continue to maintain a small inventory of books to be available for students that  lose books during the year and for the small community outside the CHS family that relies on our book supply (SJA students, graduates).

Beginning Wednesday, April 7, information will be given to your son in his English class. Any questions a family has regarding the new process for purchasing books í English novels, foreign language workbooks, vocabulary workbooks, AP books, etc., should be directed to the Catholic High School Bookstore Manager Mrs. Pinney Johnson (383-0397, ext 104).

Finally, Summer Reading order forms will be distributed in English classes, also, during the week of April 7 and 12. Any family that wishes to pre-order summer reading books must turn in the form and payment for the books to the CHS Bookstore no later than May 3. Orders can be picked up at the Bookstore during final exams.