02 Oct 2005

CHS Choir Members Proceed to Second Round of District IV All-State Auditions

The Catholic High and St. Joseph’s Academy Chorus had a total of 19 students make it to second round in the District IV All-State Auditions. In addition, there were 7 alternates. They will continue on Saturday to Lafayette for the second round of auditions.

Those proceeding to the second round of auditions are Soprano I finalists Margaret Jumonville, 2nd; Rachel Assaf, 5th; Rachel Theriot (Hicks), 1st alternate; Elizabeth Walker, 2nd alternate. Soprano II finalists are Mary Griffith, 1st; Collette Burke, 4th; Rachel Stevenson, 5th; Elizabeth Walker, 2nd alternate.

Alto I finalists are Kathleen Benedetto, 3rd; and Emily Reimsnyder, 1st alternate. Alto II finalists are Julie Love, 2nd; Taylor Barbay, 3rd; Corrito Geologo, 5th; Kate Garand, 1st alternate.

Tenor I finalists are Stephen Demouy, 3rd; Eric Reimsnyder, 4th; Andrew Rangitsch, 1st alternate; and Gary Walker, 2nd alternate. Tenor II finalists are Mark Primeaux, 1st; Brady Hotard, 2nd; Daniel Morgan, 3rd; Reid LeJeune, 5th; and Jacob Dugas, 1st alternate.

Bass I finalists are Bradley Sanchez, 1st; Jim Parks, 4th; and Gordon Newman, 1st alternate. Bass II finalists are Brett Burke, 1st; and Beau Roberts, 4th.