06 Feb 2021

CHS Community Raises More than $30,000 for Mission Amatongas

For the past two weeks, Catholic High School’s students and faculty participated in a fundraiser for the Brothers of the Sacred Heart school in Mozambique, Africa- Mission Amatongas.

On December 28th, a significant cyclone slammed into the coast of Africa and brought tremendous damage to the mission, which is still in the recovery process from a cyclone that hit them two years ago. Just like the rest of the world, they are also trying to continue to educate their students, the poorest of the poor, during a pandemic, and now must try to rebuild their school in the process.

Students and faculty were allowed free dress for two weeks with a donation to the fund. We are thrilled to announce that together we raised $30,436 for the mission- our highest total to date! To celebrate the outstanding effort, the entire school community can enjoy another week of relaxed dress! Thank you to everyone who participated!