25 Sep 2014

CHS Football Team Gets Words of Encouragement from Football Legend Jerry Stovall

íÍWhy are you playing football for Catholic High School?íñ

That was the question asked of the CHS Varsity Football Team this morning by former All-American football player from LSU and also former LSU head coach.

íÍPeople make so many sacrifices everyday for you to come to Catholic High School. Pay them back, with interest, by being the best you can be. Not just the best football player, but the best individual,íñ said Stovall.

Tonight, the Bears will take on the top ranked, two-time consecutive State Champions, Archbishop Rummel High School. Stovallí´s message to the CHS Football Team, 3-0 and ranked fifth, will hopefully help them on the field tonight, but it will definitely help them with life.

íÍThereí´s a difference between being a winner and being a champion. A winner will win more than they lose. A champion, however, will get up one more time than others knock them down,íñ said Stovall. íÍYou doní´t have to be a giant physically to make a difference in the game or in anything else you do. Just be a giant in your heart. The one that wins is the one that goes and takes it.íñ