03 Mar 2013

CHS Hi-Y Members Participate in Convention

Fifteen CHS students attended the Hi-Y/Youth Government annual conference held in Baton Rouge from Thursday, February 28 to Saturday, March 2. 

On Friday, the CHS representatives debated bills at the Louisiana state capitol building, many of which were presented by the CHS Hi-Y organization. The student governor passed four of the bills proposed by CHS students.

The following are the four bills proposed by CHS students and signed by the student governor:

  • Cody Abshire and Joseph Angelloz bill:  Mandating that all new commercial and  industrial developments include solar power in their parking lot. (The Sunny D bill)
  • Troy Henderson and Ryan Harb bill:  Mandating that all elementary schools teach a foreign language starting in the first grade.
  • Chandler Bueche bill:  Mandating that school zone times be customized to the school specific to that zone.
  • Trey Menville and Pierce Hill bill:  The Juvenile Detention Reformation Act(The best time you ever hand in íÍtime outíñ bill)

Additionally, three CHS students received honors at the convention. Chandler Bueche was elected to serve at next yearí´s conference as the President of the Senate, Troy Henderson was selected as the Outstanding Delegate in the Senate, and Trey Menville was selected as the Outstanding Delegate in the House of Representatives.