30 Jul 2012

CHS Honor Board Prepares for Upcoming Year

The CHS Honor Board attended their annual training retreat at CHS July 29-30 . The retreat focused on the following five key issues of honor: the lives of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, justice, the CHS honor code, scripture and faith and reason as explained by Pope John Paul II.

The retreat opened up with a prayer service and continued with a group discussion assessing each partcipants understading of the CHS Honor Code. The board then adapted the honor statement each student signs before taking a test to better connect wtih the school’s honor code. Finally, honor board members participated in mock trials to learn and practice how to exercise their responsibility to uphold honor and accountability at CHS.

The CHS Honor Board consists of 13 students, three sophomores, four junoirs and six seniors, who are elected by students and faculty members to uphold the CHS honor code.