04 May 2018

CHS Hosts RARC-3 Robotics Competition

The CHS Bear Bots Robotics Team participated in the third of three 2017-2018 Regional Autonomous Robotics Circuit (RARC) of South Louisiana at Catholic High School on Saturday, April 28.  Participation in the event has increased from six teams in 2016-2017 to over 30 elementary, middle and high school teams from the Baton Rouge area.

The theme for the 2017-2018 RARC competitions was Powering the Future. Students explored an uncharted island full of energy resources. Using LEGO blocks to represent solar panels, antennas, buoys and generators, elementary and middle school students collected building materials, constructed new items and delivered them to designated locations. High school teams programmed their Boe-Bots to deposit binder clips, representing energy resources, on top of Kool-Aid Jammer boxes, representing shipping containers as well as using sensors to correctly identify colored circles.

RARC is a series of three cyber and science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) competitions for students in grades 3-12 that was developed by the Cyber Innovation Center (CIC) in Bossier City. The Cyber Innovation Center is funded by the US Department of Defense and Homeland Security to provide students with the academic fundamentals and cyber degree/career awareness needed to significantly expand the number of cybersecurity professionals entering the U.S. workforce. The RARC competitions were established in 2011 and have grown to include more than 100 teams in the Shreveport area. RARC expanded to South Louisiana last year.

To learn more about RARC and how to participate in future competitions, click here or contact Sheri Schoonmaker (sschoonmaker@catholichigh.org) for more info.