21 Oct 2013

CHS Invites All To Join Team Kirklin for St. Jude Walk

Catholic High School is joining Kirklin Robertsí´ family to support St. Jude through the St. Jude Give thanks. Walk, which will be held in Baton Rouge on Saturday, November 23 at BRECí´s Forest Community Park.

Kirklin is a senior at CHS who is battling cancer. St. Jude Childrení´s Research Hospital has played a vital role in treating Kirklin, so CHS invites all students, alumni, parents, faculty members and friends of CHS to join TEAM KIRKLIN in this walk to support St. Judeí´s Research Hospital.

To join the team, please bring a check for $10 made payable to CHS to the Activities Office by Friday, November 8. You will receive a TEAM KIRKLIN T-shirt for your donation (please put name and T-shirt size in the memo section of the check).  If you are unable to participate that day, you may still submit the $10 check and receive a TEAM KIRKLIN T-shirt. 

To sign up for the walk, please visit http://walk.stjude.org/teamkirklin.  You may register for the walk by clicking íÍJoin Our Team.íñ When asked to make a donation, you may choose to make another donation (which would be tax-deductible) or simply leave it blank.  If you choose $0, you will still be able to participate in the walk and receive a TEAM KIRKLIN T-shirt because of the donation of $10 you made directly to Catholic High School.  All donations made through CHS will be sent directly to St. Jude in honor of TEAM KIRKLIN.

If you would like to simply support St. Jude in honor of Kirklin, you can visit http://walk.stjude.org/kirklinroberts and click on íÍSupport Kirkliníñ at the top of the page. Any donation you make directly through the website will be tax-deductible.