23 Mar 2015

CHS Juniors and Sophomores Participate in Class Retreat

The CHS juniors and sophomores went on a religious retreat on Monday, March 23, 2015. The juniors went to Feliciana and Judson Retreat Centers, while the sophomores went to Camp Istrouma and Rosaryville Retreat Center.

The theme of the junior retreat was íÍCall to Faith Community.íñ Students heard talks and shared in small groups about why faith communities are important.  They composed creeds that represented their shared beliefs and used those creeds in the closing prayer service.

Among other juniors who attended the retreat, Nigel Despinasse and Jordi Osuna commented on the experience. íÍWhat I got out of the retreat was a greater sense of how people view their faith community and how differently people see and use their faith as it relates to others. Spiritually I grew in the sense that I listened to other peoples’ faith journeys and saw how they see their faith community and how much it impacts their lives,íñ says Despinasse.

íÍI felt the retreat was excellent and the spirit of the brotherhood of Catholic High was apparent at Judson. We played Ga-Ga Ball and got half of the retreat site to come play and it was a lot of fun and brought people from different areas of the 2016 class together. The stations of the cross activity was also very relaxing,íñ said Osuna.

The theme of the sophomore retreat was íÍCall to Holiness.íñ Students heard talks and shared in small groups about what it means to be a man of holiness.  They created posters that symbolized their reflections.

Sophomore Joshua Nguyen commented on his experience. “Going on this retreat, I have learned so many things. I have made new friends and I was able to talk to people that I don’t really talk to. I was able to learn what is it like to be a man of God and I am grateful that I have had this experience,” says Nguyen.