24 Jun 2007

CHS Men’s Club Announces 2007-08 Calendar of Events

The Catholic High School Men’s Club has announced their 2007-08 school year calendar of events. The Catholic High School Men’s Club has a long tradition of service to the CHS community. Their purpose is to support the mission and young men of Catholic High School and to promote camaraderie among adult males who are interested in the betterment of the school. These goals are realized through recognition programs, community service, various gatherings and fundraisers. Our membership is composed of dads of current and former students, alumni and other friends of the school.

Our functions include honoring various clubs during the year at hamburger suppers, the Annual Stag Barbeque, the $13,000 Raffle, the football broadcasts and a faculty appreciation dinner. We assist the Alumni Association with the 50-Year Reunion and the Key Club with their Big Buddy Burger Bash.

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2007-08 Men’s Club Officers

Wayne Dugas President
Marvin Borgmeyer Vice-President
Kevin Brian ’86 Treasurer
Scott Pecue ’79 Secretary

2007-08 Men’s Club Calendar of Events

July 20 6 p.m. Executive Committee/Past Officers Dinner
August 2 6 p.m. Barbecue Stuffing Party
August 21 7 p.m. Hamburger Supper (Football Team and Cheerleaders)
September 4 6 p.m. Barbecue Kick-off Meeting (Executive Committee and Barbecue Committee)
September 18 7 p.m. Hamburger Supper (TBA)
October 9 6 p.m. Pre-Barbecue Meeting (Executive Committee and Barbecue Committee)
October 13 6 p.m. 72nd Annual Stag Barbecue
November 6 7 p.m. Executive Committee Meeting: Barbecue Evaluation
November 13 6 p.m. Hamburger Supper (TBA)
January 15 6 p.m. Executive Committee Meeting: Mid-Year Evaluation
January 29 7 p.m. Hamburger Supper (TBA)
February 12 6 p.m. Raffle Kick-Off Meeting: Distribute Tickets
February 20 4 p.m. Big Buddies Burger Bash
March 7 7 p.m. Faculty and Staff Appreciation Dinner
March 11 7 p.m. Hamburger Supper (TBA)
April 1 6 p.m. Executive Committee and Nominating Committee
April 15 7 p.m. Hamburger Supper (Incoming 8th and 9th Graders)
April 23 6:30 p.m. Senior Supper
May 9 7 p.m. 23rd Annual $13,000 Raffle
May 2008 7 p.m. 26th Annual 50-Year Reunion
May 27 6 p.m. Executive Committee Meeting
June 3 6 p.m. Membership Stuffing Party
June 27 6 p.m. Executive Committee and Past Officers Dinner