19 Oct 2014

CHS Mu Alpha Theta Club Placed First in St. Paul’s Math Tournament

The CHS Mu Alpha Theta Club took first place in the magnet school division at the St. Paulí´s Math Tournament on Saturday, October 18, 2014.

Students competed in their previous year subject.  Those placing in individual events were:

Josh Brooks, Geometry, 1st place
Andrew Chenevert, Advanced Math, 2nd place
Drew Harris, Algebra 1, 2nd place
Cameron Vicknair, Algebra 2, 3rd place
Joshua Campbell, Trigonometry, 4th place
Spencer Heitman, Prealgebra, 6th place
Dominic Maggio, Geometry, Honorable Mention
Noah Davis, Algebra 1, Honorable Mention

Students placing in team events were:
Joshua Campbell, Andrew Chenevert, Logan Hart, Brandon Heap í Advanced Math/Trig Ciphering, 1st place
Drew Argrave, Dominic Culotta, Noah Davis, Drew Harris í Algebra 1 Team, 1st place
Chris Alumbaugh, Josh Brooks, Cameron Vicknair í Potpourri Team, 1st place
Nicholas Mueller, Josh Nguyen, Ryan Reese, David Tran í Geometry Team, 4th place