15 Apr 2019

CHS Mu Alpha Theta Places Second at State Convention

Congratulations to Catholic High Mu Alpha Theta for taking second place at this year’s state convention. This is the first time in CHS history that the Bears have earned second place. CHS sophomore Broderick Wong was also elected to serve as State Vice President for the 2019-2020 school year.

Students placing in individual events:

Lucas Gawarecki, 13th place

Algebra 2:
Benjamin Mayeux, 1st place
Graham Darst, 18th place
Daniel Sullivan, 19th place
Caleb Woods, 20th place

Daniel Barfield, 1st place
Luke Bella, 6th place
Elliot Fontenot, 11th place
Nicholas Fanguy, 15th place
Collin Casseri, 16th place
Christian Thompson, 18th place

Christopher Cronin, 3rd place
Broderick Wong, 4th place
Hunter Doiron, 5th place
Kyle Becnel, 6th place
Nick Robert, 7th place
Jack Wilfert, 8th place
Patrick Herry, 9th place
Grant Alumbaugh, 17th place
Jacob Campbell, 20th place

Students placing in team/games events:

Algebra 2 Descartes:
Graham Darst, 1st place

Precalculus Descartes:
Daniel Barfield, 1st place

Geometry/Algebra 2 Gemini:
Noah Hixson and Jacob Nguyen, 4th place
EJ Joseph and Gavin Schwartz, 6th place
Carter Mims and Patrick Gordon, 8th place

Precalculus Gemini:
Bailey Faulk and Christian Thompson, 3rd place
Carson Cooper and Daylen Morris, 9th place

Calculus Gemini:
Ryan Harmon and Matthew Odom, 6th place
Jack Fuselier and Jack Wilfert, 7th place

Hunter Doiron, Nicholas Fanguy, Lucas Gawarecki and Benjamin Mayeux, 1st place

Algebra 2 Math Bowl:
Walter Herasymiuk, Brady Keller, Jack Matthews and Caleb Woods, 4th place

Precalculus Math Bowl:
Cade Acosta, Luke Bella, Collin Casseri and Joshua Langlois, 2nd place
Hays Burns, Roberto Carreras, Alex Richard and Stewart Roeling, 4th place
Matthew deGraauw, Elliot Fontenot, Peter Kelly and Nick Landry, 6th place

Calculus Math Bowl:
Eli Barbin, Kyle Becnel, Christopher Cronin and Broderick Wong, 1st place
Hunter Antie, Jacob Campbell, Patrick Herry and Nick Robert, 3rd place

Calculus Top Cipherer:
Christopher Cronin

Students placing in area tests:

Algebra 2 Area Test:
Jonathan Beale, 20th place

Geometry Area Test:
Gavin Schwartz, 9th place

Advanced Math Area Test:
Elliot Fontenot, 7th place
Joel Keller, 9th place

Calculus Integration Area Test:
Grant Alumbaugh, 8th place

Calculus Differentiation Area Test:
Sebastian Cordova, 1st place
Jack Wilfert, 14th place

Potpourri Area Test:
Phillip Tullier, 6th place

Geometry/Algebra 2 Interschool Test, 4th place
Precalculus Interschool Test, 1st place
Calculus Interschool Test, 7th place