01 Feb 2015

CHS Mu Alpha Theta Take Second Place in Baton Rouge High Math Tournament

The CHS Mu Alpha Theta Club took second place in the Baton Rouge High Math Tournament this past Saturday. There were 24 schools and over 400 competitors.

Students placing in individual events were:

2nd place í Simon Silverberg
3rd place í Dan Nguyen
Honorable Mention í Joey Balhoff, Joshua Campbell, Brandon Magazine

Honorable Mention íBrennan Burke, David Toups

Algebra 2:
Honorable Mention í Dominic Maggio, Nicholas Mueller, David Tran

3rd place í Isaak Dawson
Honorable Mention í Noah Davis

Algebra 1:
2nd place í Lyndon Wilbert
3rd place í Nicholas Robert

Students placing in team events were:

Calculus Math Bowl:
1st place í Joey Balhoff, Brandon Magazine, Simon Silverberg, Max Slezak

Precalculus Math Bowl:
4th place í Ben Hackney, Alec Pierrotti, David Toups, Josh Worley

Algebra 2 Math Bowl:
3rd place í Drew Argave, Dominic Maggio, Nicholas Mueller, Josh Nguyen

Comp Math 1 Team:
Honorable Mention í Noah Davis, Stephen Gaudin, Sam Gianfala, Drew Harris
Honorable Mention í Isaak Dawson, Rami Moukarzel, Ivey Smith, Cameron Vicknair

Potpourri Team:
1st place í Josh Bishop, Joshua Campbell, Parker Caulfield, Landon Tujague