04 Apr 2017

CHS Mu Alpha Theta Takes Third At State Convention

Congratulations to Catholic High Mu Alpha Theta for taking third place at the Mu Alpha Theta State Convention held March 30 Ð April 1, 2017. Over 700 students from 33 schools competed at the convention.

Students placing in Individual tests:

Geometry Individual:
12th place Ð Daniel Barfield

Algebra 2 Individual: 
3rd place Ð Grant Alumbaugh
6th place Ð Hunter Doiron
11th place Ð Hunter Antie
12th place Ð Nicholas Robert
15th place Ð Matthew Odom
17th place Ð Jack Fuselier

1st place Ð Stephen Gaudin
5th place Ð Khoivu Nguyen
10th place Ð Isaak Dawson
13th place Ð Noah Davis
15th place Ð Cameron Vicknair
16th place Ð Landon Boeneke
18th place Ð Ryan Aultman
20th place Ð Sam Gianfala

1st place Ð Andrew Ford
2nd place Ð Nicholas Mueller
3rd place Ð Brian Long
9th place Ð Dominic Maggio

Students placing in Games events:
Algebra 2 Math Bowl, 1st place Ð Hunter Antie, Eli Barbin, Jack Fuselier, Nicholas Robert
Precalculus Math Bowl, 3rd place Ð Drew Harris, Adam Langlois, Khoivu Nguyen, Ivey Smith
Precalculus Math Bowl, 4th place Ð Ryan Aultman, Landon Boeneke, Isaak Dawson, Stephen Gaudin
Calculus Math Bowl, 1st place Ð Brian Long, Dominic Maggio, Nicholas Mueller, David Tran
Calculus Top Cipherer Ð Brian Long
Hustle, 3rd place Ð Daniel Barfield, Hunter Doiron, Andrew Ford, Cameron Vicknair
Algebra 2 Gemini, 4th place Ð Grant Alumbaugh, Sebastian Cordova
Algebra 2 Gemini, 9th place Ð Elliot Fontenot, Joshua Langlois
Precalculus Gemini, 8th place Ð Andrew Cedel, Noah Davis
Calculus Gemini, 8th place Ð Ezra Grant, Chris McElveen
Precalculus Descartes, 5th place Ð Sam Gianfala

Students placing in Area tests:
Theta Algebra 2 Ð Matthew Odom, 3rd place
Mu A Differentiation Ð Collin DeVillier, 3rd place
Open Functions Ð Angelo Culotta, 7th place
Open History of Math Ð Jeremy Sapia, 4th place
Open Statistics Ð Braden Nyboer, 6th place
Open Statistics Ð Noah Davis, 2nd place

Algebra 2 Interschool Ð 5th place
Precalculus Interschool Ð 4th place
Calculus Interschool Ð 10th place

Hunter Doiron was elected to the office of State Vice President for the 2017-2018 school year.