CHS Mu Alpha Theta
17 Sep 2018

CHS Mu Alpha Theta Takes Third Place at the 24th Annual St. Paul’s Math Tournament

CHS Mu Alpha Theta took third place in the magnet school division at the 24th Annual St. Paul’s Math Tournament on Saturday. Students competed in their previous year subject.

Students placing in individual events:

  • Prealgebra
    Carter Mayeux, 2nd place
  • Geometry
    Benjamin Mayeux, 1st place
    Caleb Woods, Honorable Mention (4th place)
  • Algebra 2
    Macullen Mire, 2nd Place
  • Advanced Math
    Grant Alumbaugh, Honorable Mention (4th place)
  • Trigonometry
    Nick Robert, Honorable Mention (5th place)
    Chris Cronin, Honorable Mention (7th place)


Students placing in team events:

  • Prealgebra Team
    Micah LeGrange, Carter Mayeux – 1st place
  • Comp Math 1
    Patrick Gordon, Andrew Gunnels, Benjamin Mayeux, John Bryan Peak – 2nd place
  • Algebra 2 Ciphering
    Hays Burns, Joshua Langlois, Macullen Mire, Daylen Morris – 3rd place
  • Precalculus Ciphering
    Grant Alumbaugh, Sebastian Cordova, Chris Cronin, Broderick Wong – 2nd place


Catholic High also took third place on the interschool test.