07 Feb 2020

CHS Office Of Alumni Relations Hosts CHS Alumni Career Day

More than 40 CHS alumni from various professions returned to campus to speak with CHS seniors and provide valuable insight into the education and skills necessary to be successful in their respective fields.

Students had the opportunity to choose from a wide selection of professions including banking and finance, computer science and cyber security, construction and architecture, engineering, entertainment and mass communications, entrepreneurship, real estate, healthcare, law, military service and law enforcement. The event was organized by the CHS Office of Alumni Relations.


Matt Dardenne `05
Justin Mascaro `94
Hunter Territo `03
Jason Waggenspack `95


Kevin T. Alford `99
Adam Bourgeois `00
Collin Lindrew `14
Scott Ritter `93
Stevie Toups `84
Ross Campesi `97

Real Estate

Matt Bruce `01
Steven Cheatham `97
Marc Couvillion `83
Kyle Jackson `07
JP Ngo `97
Byron Washington`06
Chuck Williamson `92

Accounting/Banking and Finance

Perry Key `78
Nathan Neames `12
Davis Prescott `01
Ralph Stevens `73
Brandon Kelly


Ben DiPalma `00
Ed Lamy `78
Brian Moscona `99

Law Enforcement/

Cort Marix `97
Taylor Scrantz `11
Kevin Miller `09
Carter Hunt `17
Ed Hardin `86
Doug Cain `89
Brian Volpe `15

Computer Science/Info Tech/Cyber Security

Kyle Harvey  `98
Will Landry `98
Richard de Tarnowsky `70


Joey Coco `95
Trey Eyre `98
Ben McArdle `05
Matt Rouse `94

Health Care/

Brad Culotta `99
Keith Lorio `86
John Paul Luckett `81
Connor Michael `17
Taylor Sanders `97


Rich Bourgeois `94
Brandon Fremin `92
Chris Hester  `01
Chris Jones `95
Justin Mannino `06
Johnny Mckay `91