11 Apr 2019

CHS Places First in LA Technology Challenge

Catholic High School students placed first in the 13th annual Louisiana High School Technology Challenge. Fifteen seniors and juniors collaborated in the creation of three projects and an internet scavenger hunt during the four hour competition.

This year Catholic High created a video advertisement, an infographic discussing Brexit and a spreadsheet analyzing social media site use among teens. For the video, students created a 45 second sales pitch to promote a new technology product. The video had to demonstrate why the hardware/software was better than what is currently on the market, discuss possible applications, name the target audience, and possible applications of the technology.

While working on the Brexit infographic, students investigated the attitudes, outcomes and effects that Brexit will have on Britain and the rest of Europe. They then consolidated and compressed their research into a one page infographic.

A third group of students gathered data from reliable internet sources to find how different social media sites rank as teen favorites. Students used four characteristics of social media sites develop an Excel spreadsheet to analyze their results. The internet scavenger hunt required not only the correct answers, but reliable sources, such as medical journals, government agencies and trade publications.

Seniors participating include Allen Duggar, Spencer Heitman, Mack Kemper, Sean Kennedy, Carson Mack, Chandler Row and Daniel Woodruff. Juniors participating were Cade Acosta, Joseph Alexander, Daniel Barfield, Nicholas Fanguy, Elliot Fontenot, Jefferson Koonce, Stewart Roeling and Joseph Womack.

Click here for the official results on the ULM website.