30 Jun 2015

CHS Places Second at Cyber Discovery 1.0

Six CHS sophomores placed second at Cyber Discovery 1.0, winning a prize of $750 for Catholic High School. The Cyber Discovery program, which ran June 8 through June 13, is a week-long competition for high school teachers and students to explore issues related to cyber security.  The experience includes discussion sessions, hands-on engineering and computer science labs. These activities promote teamwork and leadership, and further help to develop 21st century skills, which include problem solving, critical thinking, creativity and communication. Cyber is a fundamental part of how we live, work and play in our daily lives.

Throughout the week, students delved into social and ethical issues related to cyber including watching movies, attending lectures given by Louisiana Tech faculty, participating in group discussions and writing essays to defend their viewpoints.  In the cryptography unit, they used various techniques to decipher codes, putting together clues to win the week-long scavenger hunt.  They programmed robots to solve various tasks, such as finding a path through a maze, robot golf and robot soccer.  They designed a fort using a 3D architecture program that was then constructed and used in the final robotics competition.  The students created and acted in a skit to demonstrate everything they had learned throughout the week.  The week culminated in a final robotics competition, complete with rock music and a light show.

íÍMr. Engborg and I are very proud of how hard our students worked during this competition.  They strived for excellence in the competitions, winning the final robotics competition, the scavenger hunt and placing second in the skit.  They also demonstrated Catholic values by helping others when another team lost their computer program in the middle of a competition or couldní´t figure out how to decode the cryptograms.  They made friends with a number of students from different schools and learned how valuable these alliances became at the end,íñ said faculty member Sheri Schoonmaker.

Members of the CD1 team were Nathan Breaux, Brandon Beale, Andrew Cedel, Drew Harris, Adam Langlois and Rees Romero. 

Cyber Discovery 2015 from Catholic High School on Vimeo.