12 Jun 2014

CHS Robotics Club Takes Home Second Place at Cyber Discovery

Members of the CHS Robotics Club competed at Cyber Discovery on Louisiana Tech Universityí´s campus where they placed second out of eight schools earning $750 for CHS. The Cyber Discovery program, which ran June 2 – 7, is designed to help students learn applicable life skills through instruction, self-creativity and teamwork.

Throughout the week, students programmed robots, broke codes in a weeklong scavenger hunt, wrote essays and used architecture design programs to solve many problems they were given.

íÍMrs. Fox and I were very proud of how the boys performed. They were up against several schools that have robotics and cyber programs as a part of the curriculum. They worked together admirably all week long and their hard work paid off with a second place finish,” said Michael Aguilar.

Members of the Robotics Club in attendance were sophomores Brian Long, Andrew Schoonmaker, Nick Mueller, Michael Krzystowczyk, Jaden Wood and Christian Gendron.